Pricing your Home

How To Price Your Home The single most important factor to consider when selling a house is the home price tag: how much your house is worth. You don’t want to overprice the house because you will lose the freshness of the home’s appeal after the first two to three weeks of showings. After 21 days, demand and interest wane.


FIRST TIME BUYERS Purchasing your first home is an exciting experience.  Your real estate agent will walk you through the process. Things to remember: YOUR CREDIT This information is called your “credit history”. A credit reporting agency provides information about credit history in two ways: as a Credit Report as a Credit Score Your credit score is an assessment of …

Empty Nesters

The kids have finally moved out, and you have more space than you need in a home?   We can help in finding the right-sized home to meet your needs.  Downsizing allows to reduce expense and frees up equity in your home to put towards things like traveling, investing in vacation home or help children with education.

Pre Listing Home Inspection

A pre-listing home inspection can detect previously unknown problems or potential upgrades that you may wish to address prior to selling your home.  Being aware of issues in advanced will also allow for disclosure of problems when selling your home, which can result in a smoother transaction for both parties.